Special procedures

Would you like to find a new place, where you can relax? You don´t like only sport or active relaxation, so you would like to try maybe wellness or something like this that can help you with cleaning of your mind? We cannot offer you classic wellness, but we can give you more. Our salon is very modern place, where you can try special procedures with erotic elements. It is clear that erotic elements can help you with relaxation. You body will be absolutely happy if you will try it, because we can show you that you erotogenic zones are very active, if you will stimulate them. It is the best to try nuru massage that is very intimate and you can wake up your sexuality in one second.

Nuru gel

Our masseuse will use special gel that will help you with sliding. Each touch will be nicer that when you don´t use this gel. It is made of sea-grass, but you shouldn´t be afraid, it doesn´t smell and it is nerveless. You will feel very special excitement like never before. You cannot pass it at home, because our girls have special course, so they know very well your intimate points and they know, where to touch you.